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TSM Series Screw Dosers

TSM Series Screw Dosers:

Screw Dosers are extensively used for precise auto-proportional dosing & blending of virgin, regrind materials, masterbatch and other various additives. The microprocessor accurately controls rate of revolution of a motor for high precise metering with an accuracy of ±0.1% from set points. This series can be used on the differential applications with injection molding machines and extruders. A brushless DC motor is used for this series. The dosing screws are offered with various size: 16, 20 and 25 for developing diverse models with throughputs from 0.1~200kgs/hr. TOPSTAR developed double-color & triple-color screw dosers according to customers’ various demands which can be satisfied with diverse applications.


  • Digital microprocessor can process masterbatch & regrind material by metering accurate percentage.
  • Module dismantled design, easy for change screw and sleeve.
  • Using brushless DC motor features free from maintenance and long service life.
  • The dosing unit is removed from discharging seat without material leakage,monitoring material level from the sight – see – through window on the side of transferred seat.
  • 50 sets of parameter recipes are available for permanently recording and reading function, operating machines quickly without adjusting parameters again.
  • Forced material cleaning function is convenient to change masterbatch.
  • Feeding base adopt different channels for material & masterbatch separately,easy change material & masterbatch within short time.
  • Material level detection sensor is available as option, alarm for material shortage.
  • Screw dosers can set metering time to avoid annoyance for unstable materbatch volume while working with injection molding machine because of different time for every cycle of metering.
  • It can operate with main screw of extruders, acceleration and deceleration simultaneously.

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