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Chiller for injection Moulding Machine

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Chiller for Injection Moulding Machine

Water Chillers adopt shell-shape condensers with the features of rapid heat transmission and excellent heat dispersion.

This Chiller for Injection Moulding Machine series can be afforded cooling ranges from 5~35?, even lower to 3? (temperature controlled accuracy at ±1?).

The compressors’ power range from 3HP~50HP and cooling capacities range from 7800~ 128500 Kcal/hr.


  • To adopt imported superb compressors and pumps to ensure safe & quiet running , power saving and durable service life.
  • To employ microcomputer with easy operation which can control temperature within ±3? to ±5? precisely.
  • Unique design for condenser and heat- dispersion unit result in excellent heat-exchange effect.
  • To equip with electrical current overload protection, high & low-pressure switch, electronic timer delay safety device. It will alarm to display faulty while any malfunction occurs.
  • To adopt with internal 304 stainless steel insulated water tank with durable service life for easy cleaning & maintenance.
  • Complete safety devices including power reverse phase & power short phase and anti-freeze protection.
  • Ultra low temperature type of chillers can reach below -15?.
  • Chillers for anti-alkaline & anti-acid type can be customized.