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Detachable Autoloaders – TAL Series

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Detachable Autoloaders – TAL Series

The main controllers and material hopper receivers are designed separately for safety & convenient purpose which can match 2 or above 2 hopper receivers to achieve one to multi combination conveying. It enhances material conveying capacities greatly up to 700kgs/hr. The maximum loading distance of Autoloaders is 10m. All models of Autoloaders are suitable for conveying materials over long distance and easy operations which are satisfied with customers’ various requirements.


  • The main controllers and material hopper receivers are designed separately for satisfying with customers’ requirements on the long distance conveying material.
  • Microprocessor controls features with easy operation, accurate control and multiple alarm indicators.
  • Various hopper receivers are available for selection to meet different requirements.
  • Audible material shortage alarm for reminding customers in to solve faulty.
  • Motor overload protection device ensures its long service life.
  • Independent filter device is easy for cleaning.
  • Cyclone dust separator is available as option to reduce cleaning filter time which is specially suitable for regrind material conveying.
  • Proportional valve is available as option which is used for mixing virgin and regrind material and instant recycle regrind material

One to Two Autoloaders Features

  • One to two autoloaders can save equipment configuration and save space.
  • Microcomputer control operation, easy installs & adjusts.
  • Suitable for drying and feeding materials in one body, which can simple system structure, increasing productivity and convenient operate.
  • Easy and fast to maintain