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Dehumidifying Dryer

PET resin drying is the first step to have good quality bottles. Moisture must be taken out before injection. We always recommend to use dehumidifier which recycles heat to use energy wisely and to get PET dew point to -40°C or blow so that PET exhibits its optimum nature.


1.High efficiency dehumidifier
2.dryer for PET resin drying saving

Most people choose one of the two options as shown below.

High efficiency dehumidifier, dryer for PET resin drying to ensure quality preforms and bottles. Honeycomb dehumidifier, regenerating system for saving energy, brings dried air to dew point to -40 degree. Hopper dryer, autoloader, associated with dehumidifier to maximize drying capability to highest level for PET material, Integration of dehumidifier drying, exhibits optimum PET material nature .