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  • Stainless steel construction used byER/FSR series for ensuring material free and for all structural by SR/CSRseries from contamination that working with detachable autoloaders.
  • Mechanical stainless flap fitting onER/SR/CSR series that need not to be adjusted according to different material.
  • With hopper receivers and bases arelocked by hinge, FSR/SR/CSR series is easy for dismate.
  • A diaphragm valve fitting on CSR seriesif several central hopper receivers want to share same blower for centralized feeding system.
  • FSR series is particularly designed foroptic product use for reducing power to cause any defects for enhancing productively qualities.
  • Autoloaders equip with photo sensors which are mounted onto the feeding port of IMM ;autoloaders equip with proximity switch which are mounted onto the hopper dryers
  • To adopt glass tube with photo sensor(static capacity detection)for precisely detect material conveying
  • To be fitted with stainless screen for easy filtering dust.

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