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TDH Series Honeycomb Rotor Dehumidifiers

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TDH Series Honeycomb Rotor Dehumidifiers


Honeycomb Rotor Dehumidifier are mainly to work with hopper dryers together which are specialized for drying engineering plastics to contain high hygroscopicity such as Nylon, PC, PBT, PET etc. It adapts high efficiency rotor which can ensure dew-point at -40℃ with stable dehumidifying effect. Thedrying air flow ranges from 50~3000 m3/hr.


  • To adopt P.I.D temperature controller to accurately control regenerative temperature to ensure dew-point stable.
  • To employ double coolers for ensuring lower return air temperature and dew-point value.
  • Return air filter is installed inside to ensure no powder & dust contamination to the honeycomb rotor.
  • To adopt imported honeycomb rotor for providing molding condition with dew-point -40℃ & even below for hoper dryer.
  • To adopt silica gel absorption honeycomb with low regenerative temperature at 180℃ which can save more power if compare with molecular sieve structure with regenerative temperature at 200℃ above.
  • Using imported superb parts which enhance function and extend service life for saving maintenance cost.
  • Powder coated frame of machine with exquisite appearance.
  • Compact construction; small footprint to save space ; move conveniently for any machines use ; optimum design for easy maintenance.