Why you should buy Horizontal Injection Moulding Machine from D&M ?

The purpose of Horizontal Injection Moulding Machine is very diverse and it’s a very powerful tool for moulding the plastic. Selection of the molding machines have become simple as we at D&M can give clear technical guide lines while choosing the RIGHT machine.

Generally such machines have two major components which are clamping unit and the injection unit. The fastening of such machines is done in vertical or horizontal manner depending upon the kind of product which has to be molded. The Major advantage of our machine is that we use HIGH QUALITY Servo system for main motor power, to reduce high energy consumption. We use sophisticated control system to achieve maximum yield out of the machine. The control system is user friendly for the operator.

We can understand your requirements clearly and supply customized machine to you to fulfil your molding needs. We can give you a complete solution in injection molding industry with top class quality product. We can offer you TURN KEY PROJECT also upon request.


Supplying Quality Machines

Our machines are used in various industries like automotive, white goods, industrial and commercial molding segment. You can accommodate any kind of molds to fit on our machine and you will find the quality of molding is excellent. The change over time on our machine is very less with minimal plastic wastage.

We have designed our machines to international standards with PLUG AND PLAY optional features like CORE PULLING, PNEUMATIC VALVE GATE, ROBOT INTERFACE, MTC INTERFACE Etc.

Our smart PLC will help you in add an additional INPUT / OUTPUT available online when you need. You can save major data in Excel format through USB. This will help you in preparing soft / hard documents for your molding quality evaluation. You can share these data with your VALUED CUSTOMER on day – to – day basis.


Designing different products

Our Horizontal injection molding machines are used in molding both thermo plastics as well as thermoset resins. This means you can mold anything from soft to HARD. Ultimately, we give a complete solution for commercial product manufacturers, household product manufacturers as well as engineering product manufacturers.


Service Support

We value our customer’s time and money and hence we have built a very strong service team to support our customers’ complaint on PAN INDIA basis. We ensure that our machines have least break down time among other brands. Our service team can resolve the issues with swift response. We apply the periodical maintenance schedule like preventive and predictive to each machine and educate the customer to follow stringently so that they can save time and money with maximum machine utilization hours.

As Horizontal Injection Molding Machine Manufacturers in India we guarantee that you will get the best quality machines from us. The usage of such machines would depend on what you want to create or mould in these. The method of moulding must be done by professional so that you get the best results and the process is carried out in a safe manner.

Various essential plastic items are molded everyday using the horizontal injection moulding machines and we create them so that you get the desired shape of the plastic for using it in any style you want or for reusing it in some other article like car door panels, furniture or creating household plastic items.

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