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TGP Series Powerful Granulators

TGP Series Powerful Granulators:

All models are suitable for granulating big & different material & different shape of defect plastic parts, can be collected to granulate together for recycling use. The motor is equipped with overload protector & interlock power protection safety device operators’ safety. Granulator is equipped with cleaning cutter protection safety device for ensuring operators’ safety. Cutters are made of SKD-11 with long service life,

The standard screen mesh size for 10HP and below is 8mm; for 15HP and above is 10mm. Other spec can be customized according to customers’ requirements. Unique design realizes that the power is smallest but the efficiency is highest. Feeding hopper and screener can be made of stainless steel in order to avoid painting peeling off to make material contamination that effecting color (optional). Easy disassembly design – feeding hopper, cutters, and screener easily dismantle for cleaning

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